• Billie Lang

4 Things To Consider When Looking For A Family Photographer.

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

At Some Point you may want to hire a photographer to capture your families portraits, but how do you choose? There are so many talented photographers in your area, how do you determine which one is right for you?

Ultimately the choice is yours, as it is important to find the right fit. Consider these four things when choosing your family photographer.


Just about everyone will at the very least look at a photographers portfolio and typically choose who has the best photo's, but that's not all that needs to be looked at.

Do their photographs speak to you?

When going through websites, is there one that stands out? If you envision your family in the images they create, they could be the photographer for you! If you wouldn't change a thing about their work then you should consider hiring them.

A photographer's portfolio should be consistent and the style you're looking for. Every photographer is different and as such runs their business differently. From the way they photograph to their editing process. What they offer their clients and the price they charge is all different. This is not a regulated industry so photographers will charged based on on their cost of doing business and paying themselves a livable wage. Seek out the one who's work you wouldn't change, the one who you just want to capture your families uniqueness.

Do They Communicate With You?

Your photographer should be good at communicating all aspects of the experience with them.

During your first contact, they should be able to explain who they are and what they can do for you. Contracts should be read, explained and understood as they are in place to protect both parties. How will they deliver your final images and when? Will they speak with you on the phone or respond in a timely manner? Your photographer should be open, honest and great at answering your questions. You should never be left wondering what's next.

What Kind Of Experience Will They Give You?

The customer experience is important!

How does the photographer stand apart from other photographers in your area? What can they do to give you the best experience and make this the easiest purchase you make this year? Photographers want to give you the best service, it's a pride thing, they have a reputation to uphold. Photographers love repeat business so you should end your time with your photographer with no regrets just happy memories and the thought that you would do it all over again.

Do People Have Great Things To Say About Them?

Have you checked out the photographers ratings?

Do they have a good history with past clients?

These are important questions that help determine their authenticity and the strength of their brand. If a photographer doesn't have ratings or reviews ask why. They could be just starting out is which you may want to give them a chance. Or they may keeping it from public eyes, at that point I think you may have your answer.

Photographers work hard to have a good standings with the public, but no one is perfect it's possible that a photographer may have a bad review. Does that mean you shouldn't give them chance? Not necessarily. Sometimes there is just nothing they can do to make that person happy, if it's concerning for you, ask them and how they respond can help you decide. Take all their ratings and testimonials into consideration before you make your final decision.

Choosing a photographer doesn't have to be hard. Go with the photographers who's work you absolutely love and who will give you the best experience. Remember these images will now become a part of your families history to be cherished for years to come.

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