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A Traveling Skirt And A Journey In Learning To Love Yourself After Ending A Marriage.

This QUEEN, right here, slayed this traveling skirt project. I try to participate in a traveling skirt or dress project at least once a year, (hint.... next years dress is amazing!) These little side projects are meant to stir your creative juices and challenge your skills. It is exactly what I need to keep pushing myself to be better. This session, this skirt has me legit proud of what I've produced here.

This traveling skirt project has 24 photographers participating over a time frame of a year, 2 photographers every month. What each person decides to do is entirely up to them, which makes for some interesting results at the end as everyone likes to put their own flare on the project. You have 2 weeks with the skirt so it's wise to plan ahead. I can't wait to see what everyone else puts out there. Also super excited for the next one!

A little backstory, I knew I would have this skirt in September and I had already the perfect person in mind as well as an amazing location. I'll be perfectly honest, the background, setting or feeling is just as important as the skirt and person I would be photographing. I needed it to all mesh together, to compliment each other and to tell a story.


Have you ever been privileged enough to know the best person in the world? Now this person can be anyone you have a special connection with. That person for me is my best friend Lisa. We sometimes go months without seeing or even talking to each other. (Yes, we live in the same city. But you know..........Life.)

Regardless of how long it's been, it doesn't even matter. There is never anger or hurt feelings because of our terrible ability to keep in touch. It never changes for us, literally no time has passed. We pick up from months prior and just enjoy each others company. We've never fought, or hurt one another, we have only ever loved each other and our friendship and sometimes we don't know how much we miss each other until we are hugging and tears are streaming down our faces. She is the one person who sets my soul right.

We can sit in silence, or we're laughing our asses off and then 5 minutes later having a deep and meaningful conversation about love and life. It's never dull, it's never difficult. A conversation or visit is always exactly what one of needs when the other reaches out. We have been best friends for 25 years and we have already proven that men will come and go but our friendship is the most solid relationship we both carry.

It's been 9 years since our last road trip! Yes, 9! Crazy I know, but things like life, kids, money, life again have made it hard for us to do those small trips. I asked her a while back to help me with this and she was ecstatic to be my model........... Or in reality it could have been the potential weekend getaway that made it seem so appealing. I was ok with it though, knowing we both needed it.

I asked my best friend to model this traveling skirt. Not just because she is my best friend but because she has been put through the ringer for the past year and a bit, and she needed this as much as I did. You see Lisa discovered something about herself. Over this past year she has tirelessly worked on improving and repairing herself inside and out to become the woman I have always known her to be, but only discovering it for herself this year.


Lisa is currently separating from her husband of 12 years. I was devastated too, as I have loved him as an extension of her for so many years but recognized that this was a journey for the two of them to discover and navigate through. The details of their relationship are unimportant but know that being apart is best for the both of them. Lack of communication and hurt feelings play a factor and I can tell you that it isn't something she will ever let happen again.

She tried! She tried damn hard and somewhere in there she realized that she wasn't being true to herself. That she couldn't make her marriage happy if neither of them felt happy with themselves or each other. So she worked on all the things that made her sad, that hurt her, that made her feel less than she was. As the year progressed you could see it, feel it, that shift to self love and self respect. That discovery of her strength and desire to be better for herself and her two amazing boys. He no longer fit into her bigger picture, and Lisa realized she couldn't make him happy as that it was his journey to bare on his own. So he moved out, and she moved her parents in to help with the kids. She has this whole new lease on life and is even hopeful for love in the future after she completes this masterpiece of a self sustaining, independent woman who doesn't need a man but wants one to compliment her as she will with him.

Lisa works hard every damn day at a job she loves and hustles to maintain a household on her own. Her potential is limitless and I am so incredibly blessed to have this woman as my ride or die, I wouldn't have it any other way. I will always be there for her as she will be for me. I'm so happy that she now sees what so many of us have seen for years, this here is a woman of strength and resiliency, a woman taking a front row seat in the development of her beautiful life.

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