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Five Ways To Save On Your Reclamation Experience!

A Reclamation Experience is an amazing opportunity to tell your story and be photographed while on a road trip adventure. It's an opportunity to say look at this life I've created for myself, by myself.

A Beautiful woman sitting in a wheat field.

Let's be real for a minute ladies, we do this thing where we make sure everyone else is taken care of, that their needs are met and they feel loved. We have a long history of ignoring our needs, wants and desires, we ignore the things that help us recharge and rest. We do this because we love to take care of others, and more often than not we forget about taking care of ourselves, saying I'll do that next time. But do we ever? Not really or our idea of self care is a grocery trip by ourselves. Don't we deserve more? Some moments of silence, moments of peace, moments of I'm going to do that for myself. What if I could help you recharge? Would you do it?

Reclamation sessions are a pretty fantastic way to say today is about me and I am going to enjoy every glorious second of it! Now I am not going to sit here and pretend that a Reclamation Experience isn't expensive, nor do I think it's for everyone but I wanted to make sure that is was attainable for anyone who wants to have this experience.

So I've thought of five ways that I can help every woman who wants a Reclamation Experience. Let me know if this gets you one step closer to an adventure experience bound to be full of laughter and just enjoy our surroundings.

  1. Since The Reclamation Experience involves a road trip, costs have been determined by factoring in time driving, distance, cost of fuel and wear and tear on my vehicle. If you wanted to use your vehicle and prefer to drive I can give a reduced rate on your experience which you can use to offset the cost of your experience.

2. Hair and Make up are included in a Reclamation Experience and will be done by a professional. If you prefer to do your own hair and make up this can also help reduce the expense.

3. I offer payment plans! Since planning a Reclamation Experience takes time and because of that I offer 3 month and 6 month payment plans, this allows you to spread out the payments and still plan your session.

* All payments must be made on time and the balance paid in full by the date of your Reclamation Experience.

4. Wardrobe: 3 ways to save!

~ You are under no obligation to purchase a beautiful piece of clothing for your session, I provide a curated list of vendors and designers if you wish to purchase a statement piece for your experience. You may have pieces already in your closet waiting to be cherished and photographed, let's work those gorgeous items in and rock this session!

~ Many of the designers and vendors on my wardrobe list offer renting of their items. These will be very date specific and non refundable as these items usually have a strict schedule. This is typically more cost effective than purchasing an item outright. The choice is up to you.

~ So you purchase an amazing dress, skirt or anything that makes you feel amazing, but then you ask yourself, "will I ever wear this again?" If you answer no, I ask you to consider "donating" it to my client closet. If the item is something I don't currently have and would love to add to my collection. I will offer you 50% of the value of that item towards your experience, either off the total cost of the package or towards more prints or products.

5. Pay for the experience up front and then purchase product at your reveal appointment. Breaking up these payments can help. It can be hard to visualize what you'll want for product. You can make that choice once you see all the wonderful images from your gallery. You can touch and view some of the folio boxes and wall art to see the wonderful craftsmanship that goes into these items. You will only purchase what you absolutely love.


I will be putting out promotions throughout the year to celebrate moments or just because I feel like it. I encourage you to take advantage of those when they come up.

I hope these money saving tips help you make that move to doing something special and transformative for yourself.

Toybook your experience, click here to set up a consultation zoom call. I can't wait to here from you.


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