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Home Life ~ The Here and Now

March 19, 2020

It's a beautiful yet terrifying time, a tug of war for balance. I haven't been more happy in my family life as I am right now. At the same time I'm also uncertain about this moment in time. You know I can't predict the future any more than the next person, but I am certain that I love my family and the way we are forced to live life is kind of special.

Stepping away from the everyday hustle, school, work and everything that is an obstacle in your day. Right now for some of us, it's been removed and has thrown our minds and bodies into the complete opposite of our normal routine. You know what? Thank you. I feel we sometimes forget to actually live our lives. The opportunities that this experience is providing us is something you don't want to miss out on.

This morning I was up early, not because I'm a keener but because I'm having a hard time sleeping. Who else here is also experiencing a little bit of anxiety?

I got up and went to my office and did some work. I'm not gonna lie, I've had a hard time getting into maintaining my business over the last couple of weeks. I was talking with friends and scrolling fast through Facebook. I just can't handle all the stuff at this moment. When my daughter came in and asked for some breakfast, it got me away from my computer and I am grateful for it. It's so easy to fall down that rabbit hole. While getting her cereal I decided to bake some bread.

1. Because uncertain times forces you to figure out what you can do to stay busy and to contribute.

2. Because fresh bread is one of my most favourite things in this world.

worn out handwritten recipe
A recipe only I can understand. lol

This recipe is my Aunty Betty's, one of my most favourite people on this planet. Smelling fresh bread makes me happy, and it brings back memories of my childhood. Summers spent in BC with her family and many mornings that smelt like fresh baked bread. It brings my children happy memories too, as they always ask to go to Canoe, BC for summer vacation.

Now it's been a few years since I baked bread, you know.......... it was convenient to buy at the store. It's just not the same though. My point is, these memories aren't flashy or extravagant. They come from a simple and humble place. These memories are a part of who I am.

Homemade cheese garlic buns
Cheese garlic buns

I want to provide memories like that for my children and this is the perfect time. Smells that can trigger them to smile and take them back, moments filled with so much love in the world of chaos. Adam, Maximus and Lilah were all in the kitchen with me, sitting at the kitchen table. Max is talking about video games and something called "glitches". Clueless mom alert! I'm glad Adam knows what the heck he's talking about. Lilah is laughing and snacking........again. (I have no idea where that kids puts it). She is watching her Teen Titans show and laughing her little head off. She has an amazing hearty laugh, that just makes me smile from ear to ear.

little girl laughing
My goofy girl

I stand here, listening to some light music and them being their perfect selves. All the while the smell of fresh bread looms in the air. I know it's special for me. I hope it is equally as special to them.

Right now we are living at a slower pace, it's an opportunity to connect on a deeper level and it's challenging us to tune in and be present. Moments right now that I can hold in my heart. We have all this time and spending it with family giving each other the chance to be open and honest. A time where we can learn new things about each other and ourselves. Just being able to be free and present in this moment and with each other.

It's a terrifyingly beautiful time to be alive. How will you spend your moments?

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