• Billie Lang

How Displaying your Family Portraits can Possibly Boost your Child's Self Esteem.

There is an aspect of family photography that many people don't consider, and that is it can help raise our children with a better sense of self awareness and confidence in the their abilities.

It is important for children to feel valued and a part of their family. As a photographer it is my job to create images that remind them of a safe place where they feel protected and loved.

Twin newborn boys, cheeks together, heads in opposite directions, peacefully asleep.
Newborn twin boys, off to blissful sleep.

It lets children know where they belong and how they fit into the family. They learn the uniqueness of their family and the stories of the people in their family. When a child see a portrait that they are in, it lets them know they are valued and that these are my people, this is where I belong.

So the question is: Which is better Digital images or Printed ones?

While we live in a digital age and having all our photo's at our finger tips is great. Being able to share Sarah's first ballet recital with family across the country make it so much easier with Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. However does the average person back up their images from their phone or their computers? How many times have we heard my computer is dead! I've lost everything! Or I've lost or broken my phone! All Brady's baby photo's were on there. I am heart broken. Digital images are great....... Until.

Four children, three boys one girl all under 10. Cousins all laughing and having fun sitting a trampoline. Black and whit image.
cousins, just being goofy.

It is my opinion that a printed photograph is a cherished photograph. I am biased I suppose but I really believe that your family portraits should be printed and displayed proudly in your home. I think placing family photo's in your home where your child can see them gives them a sense of reassurance and comfort. I am loved, I feel protected, and I am cared for.

Displaying family photos in your home sends a message that the people in the family are important and we honor the memories of them and the time we have spent together.

Young boy 3 years old in a blue and white plaid shirt standing on a bench inside an atrium, surrounded by large lush green plants with the biggest smile on his face.
I'm getting so big.

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