• Billie Lang

How I See Love.

Each of us sees the world just a little differently because of our life experiences and stories. For me it's in the small things that I see the most love.

When I was younger I would ask my mom to brush and braid my hair. She would carefully brush away the tangles and expertly place a french braid or two on my head. I wasn't always easy between my mom and I, we fought like mothers and daughters do. Sometimes in my teenage angst, when I needed her but I didn't want her to know I needed her (FYI she always knew). I would ask her to do my hair, it was a silent love, not pushy or overbearing. It was a love that only we shared.

I see the love in the gentle touch and care a mother gives her daughter by just brushing her hair. I am happy to say I do this with my own daughter.

When I see my dad, a quiet, quiet man hold my son as a baby and show him the light switch. On-Off, On-Off, as the two of them laugh together. It's funny to my son because it's something new, and it's funny to my dad because how can you not laugh and smile at a baby discovering something for the first time.

I see the love in time spent together, discovering new things...... As a baby and a grandfather.

when my baby girl can't stand to be away from me. I am so tired, so drained but my baby girl loves the sound of my singing. She needs me to watch her as she falls asleep, and when I look away she places her tiny hand on my cheek and brings my gaze back to hers.

I see the love in the tender quiet moments between two hearts.

You know those times when your children are sick, and all they want is you. Regardless of your schedule or all the housework that needs to be done, you drop everything and cuddle with your baby. All day if you have too, because as much as we want to, we cannot take away the sickness. we do the only thing we can think of and that is to comfort them and try to make them as comfortable as possible. We as parents show our love with cool cloths on the forehead, or fluffing pillows and tucking them in.

I see the love it takes to care for our babies.

Love and connection is found in your everyday life, it is sneaky, sometimes you don't see it because it's everyday love. You know the everyday chaos of our lives that make time fly. One day you're nursing a baby, next you have a teenager asking for the keys to the car along with money for a movie.

Love can be found in the everyday mundane, it doesn't have to be grand or expensive. You see it's the fleeting memories, the in between, the real life moments.

I see the love, I see it for you, the love for your family so that you can feel it, experience it, live it.

I see your love.

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