• Billie Lang

The Mountains Are Yearning.

Over the last 6 years I have photographed this family 4 separate times. I have been able to watch them evolve and change as a family, as well as being able to watch this children grow up. I am so lucky to be invited in to peoples lives to capture them as they are at that very moment in time.

Now since this was the first session for me since Covid-19 invaded our lives I was anxious on many levels. How was I going to manage with the many restrictions that I thought might hinder my ability to take meaningful images for this family. I love to get up close and shoot details or make adjustments when I need to for clothing or hair. I really needed to up my communication skills, which was hard cause I at times like to take a silent backseat to allow moments to unfold naturally.

I naively assumed the mountains wouldn't be busy due to the virus, I was really, really wrong about that. It was packed! I was hyper aware of those around me, which made me uncomfortable, which made me feel like I wasn't giving my full undivided attention to my muses. I worried the whole time that I wasn't going to be able to deliver an amazing product for this family. I in fact was panicking inside that I was wasting their time. I was very wrong, I forgot to trust myself and my ability, which I will never do again. Because even in a pandemic I can follow the rules and still produce wonderful images.

Just look at this beautiful family!

Originally this mountain session was to be just mom and me, we had this epic place picked out and an amazing skirt in mind. It was going to be epic!

We started talking and I found out that her oldest was graduating this year, and let's face it the 2020 grads have gotten a raw deal in the celebration department. So this solo momma mountain session quickly morphed into a mother/daughter session with beautiful gowns and a killer backdrop of the mountains.

Then 3 days prior our trip out, childcare fell through for her other 3 children and our session transformed to include family photo's. Well, why not? My whole day was devoted to being in the mountains anyway, did it really matter how many people or types of photography I was going to be doing? Nope, not at all, the more the merrier! And for real look at these kids! How could I say no to these cute faces?

The session went off without a hitch. How could it not? Look at where we were and who I was photographing, it was destined from the beginning to be amazing.

I do have to say that I may have hurt the second youngest feelings during the session. B had wanted to give me a hug and I had to say no because of the current cover restrictions. When I delivered the images during their reveal appointment last night I was made aware of my terrible mistake and she was still mad at me and didn't want to say goodbye to me when I left. B, I hope to make it up to you someday soon!

Can you see yourself in photo's like these? Get in touch for more details.

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