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My Photography Bucket List ~ Can You Help Me Complete It?

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

***FROM NOW TILL MARCH 10, 2020!!!***

Would you like to win an 8x10 leather bound album valued at $750?

In a little less than a month I'll be turning the big 4-0. Now normally I avoid my birthday like the plague, I let it pass by and no one is the wiser.

Now I want to offer any of those sessions on that bucket list at a 40% discount! You read that right. 40% cause I'm going to be 40 years old.But wait what if I've photographed you before? Well if you are a past client and would like to book a family or solo lifestyle session, I'll also give you 40% off any package.

I also don't want to leave anyone out, so if you've been thinking about hiring me I'm offering you 20% off any family or solo lifestyle packages with 20% off any products you order through your gallery.The catch, this offer is only available until my birthday. March 10, 2020.Bonus time!!!

Book your session and pay the retainer and be entered to win an 8x10 leather bound album of our session together. Value of $750!!!

Leave a comment on that blog post and offer this post to everyone who will be interested. Who wouldn't want in on this?!?!

Contact me through my website contact page and tell me about this post so you can be a part of this amazing opportunity.

I think most photographers have a bucket list of people places or themes, they desire to photograph. I mean if we don't a creative outlet, our work can become stagnant. Having a bucket list is my way of shaking things up, keeping the passion for my craft going and all of you continually interested in my work. Like every other profession if you're not learning something new or striving to do better you will be left behind.

This is the bucket list I have started and I suspect will probably never fully get finished, as I am pretty sure I will keep adding to it. I'll even take suggestions. As I complete sessions I will post images under their heading here to show how it went.

This is me ~ Photo credit Everlast Photography

If you or someone you know may want to help me achieve my goal of completing my list I will offer a significant discount on the session fee and 10% off any product ordered. **Please note that the session does not include and prints, product, or digital images.**

***Digital Images will be included with Weddings/Elopements.***

Contact me billie@blangphotography.com for more details on pricing and to tell me which session you would love to have.

Cheers & Much Love!


Bucket List

Mountain Sessions

1. Family Lifestyle

2. Wedding/Elopement

3. Personal Project ~ Feeling Beautiful ~ 10 women ~ 1 Weekend ~ Sessions in self love and getting to see how beautiful you really are. Mountain Backdrop.


4. Vacation with a family to capture trips of a lifetime. ~ Can be anywhere in the world.

5. Wedding/ Elopement anywhere in the world.

6. Absolutely any type of session in the following countries

~ Scotland

~ Ireland

~ Iceland

~ Norway

~ Japan

~ Thailand

~ Any Beach Setting ~ Family and Couples

Anywhere/ Anytime

7. Renewal of vows ~ Senior Citizens

8. Lifestyle Sessions with Senior Citizen couples

9. Life Stories Series ~ Interview about your life mixed with photographs.

10. Solo lifestyle Sessions ~ For those who want to update their photographic image for personal or branding purposes.

11. Violinist/Cellist ~ Just play and I will photograph you.

12. Ballet ~ Pointe shoe's are required, may be done indoors or outdoors. Just dance, I want to capture movement.

Deep And Meaningful

13. End of life documentary ~ Interview and photographs to provide to family members after passing.

14. Last, Best Day Ever ~ A photo session dedicated to a pet that may be crossing that rainbow bridge soon.

This list will go on and be updated as new ideas and passions invade my thoughts.

If you have an idea that you think I should do, leave it in the comments. Thank you!

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