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Reflection and how it changed the way I approach my photography.

I celebrate 10 years this year. 10! It hasn't always be easy but always rewarding. About a year ago I made a conscience decision to approach my photography in a different manner, after 9 years I needed to make a change, something was missing for me.

Upon reflection I felt like I had being doing a disservice to my clients and to myself because I wasn't doing what brought me joy. I was able to take beautiful images a deliver a great finished product, at the time I just couldn't put my finger on it. Then I had a session that just made it click, all the things I was longing for in my work came together in that session. At the time what I couldn't figure out was how to get my clients to show their connection, and in the past year I realized it was what was needed to make me not question the quality of my work. I was in a constant internal fight of was my work good enough. Then I did a few sessions here and there that really spoke to me, I didn't question the work I produced in these sessions. I had started to amaze myself and realize that this was how I was going to operate.

I not only wanted to see love, emotion and most of all connection but I wanted to feel it too. So how did I start doing this? I started talking, and talking, and talking. I asked questions about every member of the family, I asked them to share stories about each other. Memories. Moments. Please share with me how your family is uniquely yours and how amazing they are. Finding that moment that makes them reflect on a time that was joyful, exciting, amorous. These create powerful and meaningful photographs, they can make your heart swell with absolute love. This is what I wanted to do for my clients.

New parents smiling at each other while hold their newborn baby girl.
First lifestyle newborn session, it changed my style immediately.

Something I realized with my clients who come back to me year after year was that their sessions got more comfortable, almost like family. Their images got increasingly better over the years not just because I was growing as photographer but because every time I photographed them, I learnt a little more about them. I got to hear new stories, and my favourite thing was to watch the children grow some of them into adults. They had become more comfortable more willing to open up and show their connection with each other.

We shared moments from their lives and mine. I am a mother, I am a wife , I live a life outside of photography and at times have shared aspects of my life to build trust and openness. It is important to me in the cultivation of my craft to understand the dynamics between two people in love and the uniqueness of ones family. It's important to me that my clients feel comfortable enough with me to drop their guard and be themselves.

Couple embracing in a dance with eyes closed and completely in love.
Lifestyle love session newly engaged.

Adults are easy because we can communicate and understand each other so what about children?

All children are different and approach strangers differently. Some have no problem taking my hand and asking me to play toys with them while others are beautifully shy and timid, unsure of this new person who will eventually follow them around shoving a camera in their face. A child's comfort with me is essential. They are just tiny people with opinions and feelings so much stronger than ours, and the last thing I want is for them to be scared of me or feel like they can't be themselves. So I sit with them, asking them about all the things they like and letting them know that I care about what they have to say. I get down on their level and play, all the while learning what it is that makes them amazingly perfect.

Little boy smiling and holding up and showing me his toys with absolute pride.
Let me show you all my toys!

Moments are what has made me evolve into the photographer I am today, making my heart full with pride knowing that I captured those images for them. When people view the images I've created, my only hope is that they feel the same love and connections from someone else's moments.

I want to photograph the relationship, the raw feelings and all the magical moments. I feel these are the images that people will reflect back on and my hope is that it takes them back to those emotions and feel the connection every single time.

Young couple expecting their first child, a quiet moment of reflection.
Lifestyle pregnancy session

I want to be the person who you are comfortable with showing the real you and the real love and connection between each other. I want to be your families story teller of love, joy and pure romance to be the curator of your lives.

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