• Billie Lang

Top 5 Things You Can To Do To Prepare For Your In Home Lifestyle Session.

Lifestyle sessions are deigned to document your inner life, your sanctuary, your most treasured people. These are just a few tips to make your session go smoothly.

1) Your home ~ When being photographed in your home, your comfort is essential. So however you choose to present your home is fine by me. I recommend taking a look at the areas we would be using and removing anything you don't want photographed. How your home looks is up to you, when I photograph you in your home I am not worried about what is in the background. My focus is on your family's love, not the stuff surrounding you.

If you want to go into a full Day In The Life of your family, embrace what really happens. Toys everywhere, laundry needing to be folded, spills and messes. Life can be documented any way you wish.

2) Food/Snacks ~ No this is not for me, although I do like food, but seriously. Food makes people happy and can help you avoid "Hangry" meltdowns from your littles. It also affords a great opportunity to create memories between your family. Bake some cookies or decorate cupcakes, there are plenty of moments to capture.

3) Games/Books ~ Kids love games, and family game night with the right amount of healthy competition can provide amazing photo ops. Pie in the face, Candy Land, etc can result in big smiles and lots of laugh - out - loud moments.

Reading to your kids provides meaningful and tender moments that rarely get captured. Imagine your child cuddled into your lap, loving every moment of your funny voices and your warm embrace.

4) Bring your calm ~ Lets be honest, if you have children, a career and everything else life throws your way you are not calm everyday. I know I'm not, not even close. On the day of your session bring your calm. Children take their cues from their parents, if you're calm they will be too. Leave your work stresses at the office and focus on your amazing family and all the fantastic memories you'll make.

5) Just be yourselves ~ I cannot emphasize this enough. Forget that I am even there, I am background and I can assure you I make zero judgements. Being a parent is the hardest job in the world and no one is perfect so don't try to be. Be who you are, because I can guarantee your children will be who they are unfiltered, and natural.

Be Yourself!

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