• Billie Lang

Why Printed Images Are Better Than Digital Downloads.

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Let's face it we live in a digital era, where everyone carries their photo albums in their pockets. Now don't get me wrong I love this as much as the next person, who doesn't take out their phone to show friends or family just how much your kids have grown?

When your photographer offers an array of products like prints, canvas and albums along with digital files their hope is that you pick something printed. When I revisit the home of a client and I see my art printed and lovingly displayed on their walls it's a great honour for me and many other photographers feel the same way. But it's not about me and my art, it's about you and your families photos highlighted in your home, you are letting every member of the family know how important they are because everyday they get to see that they belong.

Photographers want you to buy printed images because we know you won't regret it. When you ask me for prints they are printed at a professional lab on quality photo paper, we also usually have access to better quality albums and products. Quite often people go for the easiest and fastest option, typically 1 hour print labs. Now this isn't wrong, in fact thank you for actually getting them printed. It's the quality I'm concerned about, normally they colour correct the images which means they won't look the same as they did when your photographer shared them with you. Overall a one hour place is just concerned with getting them out as fast as possible and moving on to the next one. What can you expect when these one hour places typically sell a multitude of other products their priority isn't going to be your photographic memories.

When you purchase digital files, more often than not those images remain on your computer for when you have time to print them. How many of you have images still waiting to be printed? How many of you have had a computer fail or a phone get lost or destroyed? What happened to your digital images? Were you lucky enough back up those images? Let's face it most of you lost all those images, the average person does not have the back up system that photographers have. Maybe your photographer has kept your images but you can't count on it as all photographers have different policies on how long to store a clients images.

Now when you have your family photo's printed your children see how important they are to you, that they are displayed on the walls for everyone to see. You get the opportunity to smile every time you pass them, to appreciate the art work that is your family. The printed image is powerful, it's a reminder of times past, loved ones gone and memorable moments. We all pull out the family albums and share stories with visitors to our homes about the pictures we put on our walls, because we are proud of the ones we love.

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